Thursday, February 28, 2008

Review: Fantastic Comics 24 (Next Issue Project 01)

As part of Image's Next Issue Project, Fantastic Comics 24 shows us what happens next for some of the abruptly canceled heroes of the Golden Age, and despite only hearing of one of these heroes before reading this comic, I was blown away. Some of the broad cast of talented creators (including Erik Larsen, Joe Casey, and Mike Allred) write there stories in a fun, exciting way that authentically represents what Golden Age comics were all about. Others update them in a way that keeps them true to their roots while making them so that they would not seem out of place among today's comics. You even get a story with Stardust the Super Wizard that not only makes sense (a drastic change from his earlier stories), but also stands on its own as one of the best superhero comics of the year. In fact, the only real problem I have with the book is that there won't be a Fantastic Comics 25.

I give
Fantastic Comics 24 a strong 4.5/5.

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