Sunday, March 2, 2008

Comics You Should Be Reading: Hero by Night

Winner of the first annual Comic Book Challenge, Hero by Night is one of the best independent superhero comics I read. When Jack King finds the secret lair and power ring of 1950's superhero Hero By Night, he forgoes the life of heroics in favor of selling it all on eBay. Unfortunately for him, the auctions attract the attention of the old Hero's arch-nemesis the Iron Talon. After kidnapping King's girlfriend, he has no choice but to take on the Iron Talon as an all new Hero by Night. Though on the surface it may seem like your average superhero fare, Hero by Night has a lot of heart. From the very first issue, you can't help but like Jack King, and for a back-to-basics superhero tale Hero by Night has a lot surprises for you. If you're at all a fan of superheroes, Hero by Night is a fun, exciting comic, and definitely one you should be reading.

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