Saturday, March 1, 2008

Review: Fables 70

Let me begin by saying bluntly that I 'm not a fan of guest artists. No matter what their skill or style, unfamiliar artwork always takes me out of the story a little bit, and even the most important characters can become unrecognizable by the shift in artwork. However, despite from suffering the usual guest writer follies, Niko Henrichon's art in this issue fits the world of Fables beautifully where the non-humans and landscapes are concerned. The human fables on the other hand leave something to be desired. Between Prince Charming having his eyes closed and arms crossed in every panel, some rather odd facial expressions and an inconsistency of the character's appearance from panel to panel, the artwork on that front is severely sub-par.
As for the story, after wrapping up the phenomenal The Good Prince arc last issue and starting the war against the Adversary next issue, this one suffers as a bridge between the two. Hardly any action occurs at all throughout the story. A full six pages are devoted to Boy Blue's morning routine, and even when the war plans are being discussed, the language is so secretive and vague that not even a hint of excitement can be derived from the sequence. Although, the issue does a good job of tying loose ends and setting up for the next arc, on its own it falls a little flat.

Overall, despite Fables being one of my all time favorite series, I can only give Fables 70 a 3/5.

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