Friday, March 21, 2008

Review: Wolverine Origins 023

I haven't really read this series in a while because, well, Michael Bay Daniel Way is a horrible writer, but since Way's been chosen to write the new series for Deadpool who guest stars in this issue, I wanted to see what was in store for my favorite Merc with a Mouth. What I got, despite a few chuckles, was pretty much I expected. Deadpool, who spends most of the issue joking about his missing fingers, comes off completely unfunny, more insane than usual, and quite frankly out of character, or in other words, poorly written. I'm sad to say it, but even for a character created by Rob Liefeld, this might be Deadpool's darkest hour.

Wolverine Origins 023 gets (if anything, a generous) 5 out 10.

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