Monday, March 17, 2008

Reviews 3-17-08

  • Fantastic Four 555 4.5/10 Thus continues Marvel's most overhyped story arc of the year. Even's this issue's brief appearance of giant robot Captain America can't save it from being a bland series that undoes all the work McDuffie did fixing the Marvel's first family after the last Millar tried to ruin them. SEE Reed Richards' foreshadowed affair! EXPERIENCE the Human Torch reduced to a dumb blonde sterotype! DON'T MISS the Invisible Woman being entirely missing from the issue! All this and the Thing's hot new love interest (even though he already got back together Alicia in his own series)! Seriously, this thing is bad.
  • Avengers The Initiative 010 8.5/10
  • New Exiles 03 8/10
  • X-Factor 029 9/10
  • Wolverine 063 8.5/10 Jason Aaron again proves why he one of the best up-and-comig writers today. Between this and Ghost Rider, he not only cuts his teeth on the superhero scene, but turns around two series for the better. This issue continues Wolverine hunt of Mystique intercut with scenes from their shared history. Jason Aaron finally makes Wolverine worth reading again.
  • Mighty Avengers 010 9/10 Given that I'm a sucker for comic book gimmicks (especially ones that involve Doctor Doom and time travel), I loved this how this issue showed time travel by formatting the book as a Silver Age Marvel title, from the coloring down to the crawl at the bottom of the page, it was marvellously carried out and really cool to look at. On the writing side, the story manages to work great on it own without abandoning the recent events of the Marvel universe, and Bendis' use of though bubbles work better for this issue that it ever has. Without a doubt, this is the best issue of Mighty Avengers so far.
  • Nova 011 9/10
  • Thunderbolts 119 9.5/10 Best of the Week (Tie)
  • The Last Defenders 01 5/10
  • Annihilation Conquest 05 9/10
  • Punisher 055 9.5/10 Best of the Week (Tie)
  • Green Lantern Corps 022 8/10
  • Tiny Titans 02 7.5/10 L'il Kid Devil is adorable
  • Booster Gold 07 9/10
  • Countdown To Final Crisis 07 7/10
  • Green Arrow and Black Canary 06 7/10
  • Superman 674 7/10

  • Invincible Presents Atom Eve 02 8/10
  • Dynamo 5 011 8/10 Good old fashioned superhero fun.
  • Lone Ranger and Tonto 01 8.5/10
  • The Goon 022 9/10
  • RASL 01 9/10
  • Un-Men 08 8.5/10

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