Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Reviews 3-5-08

  • Ultimate Fantastic Four 051 7.5/10 - Reed Richards confronts with Thanos over the Cosmic Cube.
  • X-Men First Class 09 8/10 - Jeff Parker's adventures of the original X-Men continues to fun read for all ages.
  • Deathblow 09 9/10 - Deathblow goes out with a bang in this action packed finale.
  • Hellblazer 241 8.5/10
  • Legion of Super-Heroes 39 8.5/10
  • Kick-Ass 01 6.5/10 - Millar's tale of a "real world" superhero falls very flat, but JRJR's artwork is as fresh as ever.
  • The Many Adventures Of Miranda Mercury 295 7/10 - This first issue counting down to the heroine's death in issue may not be the best issue of the week, but it is still intriguing enough to continue with the series.

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Jacob's Gofer said...

I'm certainly glad you're back. And doing what you do best. While you were away, I went out and bought some comic books --- again, after 18 years.

Now I have all the (hard copies of) Civil War issues, X-Men series, some She-Hulk (Dan Slott rocks!), Ms. Marvel, etc.

I found comics again through your site. I bought them after I'd downloaded them and saw that they're worth keeping. Much thanks to you, and more power! Cheers!