Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reviews 3-8-08

  • Amazing Spider-Man 7/10 - A pretty average Spidey story.
  • Cable 01 8.5/10
  • Logan 01 8/10
  • Punisher War Journal 017 6.5/10 - If you've been reading Punisher War Journal, you know that Matt Fraction has been doing a lot of cool stuff with the title. This issue, however, shows a marked drop in quality. Devoted to the Punisher's partner Stuart Clarke, the story plays out like a condensed noir film that is much too pradictable. In addition, the issue's artist is none other than Howard Chaykin. I detest Chaykin's art style. He draws everyone with big square heads (which is especially a problem for the issue's "femme fatale." Overall, the issue's stale story and stomach-turning artwork makes it entirely skippable.
  • Uncanny X-Men 496 8.5/10 - As much as I was disappointed in Brubaker's work on "The Fall of Shi-ar Empire" I've got to admit this issue (and the one before it) has been one of the most fun X-Men stories in quite awhile. Unfortunately, I must recommend holding off on reading it until the next issue of Astonishing drops. The issue contains a huge spoiler about the goings-on of that series.
  • X-Force 02 8/10

  • All-New Atom 021 7/10 Rick Remender's first issue comes as a let down from Gail Simone's run on the series. From retconning the big reveal of the last issue to retconning established parts of Atom canon (Ryan builds a breathing aparatus for going microscopic) and some overly dramatic scenes (Ryan cuts his finger open to take a blood sample), this issue has a lot of little annoyances, but the big problem with it is the fun of Simone's run is gone. This issue and Ryan himself come off as completely serious which leaves you with just another average superhero comic.
  • Countdown To Final Crisis 08 7.5/10
  • Green Lantern 028 9/10 Let me start of by saying that the War of Light is on of the best ideas that have every been done with the character, and this issue continues to impress. Starting of with the creation of the Red (Hate) Lanterns by the nightmarish creatures from Alan Moore original "Tygers" story, the action then moves back to Oa where Laira trial is taking place afterwhich the second new law is enacted and, brother, it's a doozy. Overall, this issue comes with all you'd expect from recent Green Lantern. The series is very fast paced (there are already hints of the Orange Lantern in this issue) and is overall an enjoyable read.
  • Justice League: The New Frontier Special 8.5/10

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